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Breuninger buyer: “It’s getting dressier again, but with the comfort we’ve grown to love”


With the new spherical of orders for FW22/23, patrons square measure once more sweet-faced with the challenge of coming up with ahead for a season whose general conditions square measure harder to estimate than usual.
What reasonably ranges can fashion brands and retailers gift to their feminine customers next year? What reasonably fashion do girls need next autumn? can they still need to decorate in outsized and cozy garments or in figure-hugging and attractive ones again? What trends will one already identify? we have a tendency to asked Martina Haberbosch, head customer at German sales outlet merchandiser Breuninger, for her forecast.

Ms. Haberbosch, for the FW22/23 order season, what does one see because the most vital trend themes in womenswear?
There square measure varied themes. 1st and foremost, fashionable off-the-shelf, therefore it’s obtaining dressier once more, however the comfort we’ve adult to like remains there. Specifically, I expect casual sport jacket designs and baggy pants in comfy, high-quality materials, and off-the-shelf sets also will stay sturdy. The mix-and-match plan generally permits for a range of potentialities.
Timeless, high-quality items with a long life issue also are vital as key wardrobe items, like wool coats and cashmere knits. wear generally plays a significant role as a feel-good guarantee in high-quality cashmere and comes in attention-grabbing material blends and nice new designs – as cardigans, casual jumpers, workwear shapes and conjointly still as sweater vests with contemporary updates. Fashion highlights square measure open unwoven materials with loose sew patterns and details like deep necklines. even as important: highlights that playfully mix into this wardrobe and make a ‘wow’-effect, usually conjointly for occasions. From one’s table to the party, therefore to talk.
What concerning silhouettes and lengths?
In addition to relaxed silhouettes and fashionable layering, that offer maxi silhouettes the proper look, we have a tendency to also are seeing a lot of body-hugging shapes once more. Here i am thinking of unwoven sets and unwoven dresses, that square measure tight however still comfy. within the basic wear sector, too, we have a tendency to see tighter turtlenecks and knits, which might be combined with casual pants – slim at the highest, wide at very cheap. Bodycon and mini silhouettes square measure trendy, particularly for evening wear.
What reasonably dresses will we have a tendency to expect at Breuninger next winter?
Dresses can play a giant role – from subtle drapes and wrap effects to casual boo-style dresses. Prints provides a new impulse and after all, all party dresses square measure concerning sophistication and glam effects.
Trend agencies square measure talking a couple of new want for eroticism thanks to this Corona restrictions. What does one think?
We have to stay a detailed eye on our target teams and see what’s possible for our customers and in what kind. eroticism can even be expressed a lot of subtly, for instance by sporting a crop prime beneath a sport jacket. That approach it conjointly works for the broader market. Then you’ll be able to conjointly play with details that pave the approach for this new eroticism, for instance with cut-outs or just by selecting a slimmer silhouette. In party dressing, however, mini- and body on shapes clearly give new impulses. Here, the glam issue with sequins, aluminiferous and lame remains vital, even the party sport jacket with leggings.
We see an enormous vary of various pant cuts right away. can it keep that way?
The variety can stay. additionally to relaxed fits and wide pants within the denim section, we have a tendency to are becoming a lot of straight to slim shapes once more. Leggings also are obtaining a push once more within the fashion space. let’s have a look at however and whether or not the narrower shapes can catch on quickly.
What colours and materials can dominate next winter?
Warm, nut-brown tones can kind the premise, up to chocolate brown; gray tones also will get play once more. Color is and stays important! Pink and red can remain whereas orange and inexperienced square measure on the approach. to not forget violet and lilac, that is that the Pantone Color of the Year 2023. Softness and luxury square measure vital for materials, in distinction to everything technical and useful.
Sustainability is additionally a crucial trend topic. however does one implement it?
Breuninger is actively addressing the problem of property among the framework of 4 specially created fields of action. For us, it’s not a trend however a crucial a part of our company social responsibility, that is an element of being a member of society. within the Breuninger on-line search and also the malls, we have a tendency to establish all brands and merchandise accepted by U.S. and licensed as property consequently.
What reasonably designs have worked well up to now, what not therefore much?
Anything that’s comfy and sensible works okay. Cashmere wear is clearly a winner in our ranges. thick jackets have conjointly done well – from waistcoats in fall to long coats in winter. additionally, trendy highlight items do well, for instance a very enticing print or an attention-grabbing color.

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