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Cloud services are consolidated as the future for the technological world


Recognizing this reality, Costa Rica-based Huawei announced this afternoon to strengthen and consolidate its services in Huawei’s cloud this 2021. The above confirms the growth of these technological solutions offered by the Chinese giant in our country, which grew by 200% in 2020, and the payroll has tripled over the same period.

By 2021, the tech company will focus on transforming the cloud into a source of broader employment opportunities, with a clear trend to support entrepreneurs and the ultimate goal of enhancing digital skills for competence. in international markets.

 This boost to cloud business will be accompanied by the strengthening of strategic alliances with public and private universities to strengthen the skills of higher education students and young talent in the country in these areas.

Thus, according to the tech giant, our country will take full advantage of the potential of the cloud as a powerful tool for embedding in the digital economy, but we must prepare for the knowledge to be able to take full advantage of the benefits of this concept. “The future is very clear, the cloud will become the highway along which the digital world, economy, society, etc. will develop,” the company emphasizes.

Cloud is the future of digitization

Today, all people, companies, enterprises and institutions need access to any file, data and extension from anywhere or from any device, historically computers have contained these files and applications locally. Within a few years, the Cloud became available, which, in simple terms, includes computers distributed around the world that we can access via the Internet. The goal of the cloud is to provide low-cost, fast and secure technology solutions, helping to solve the challenges posed by the digital economy, and driving digital transformation and its implementation.

What things can be uploaded to the cloud?

any “thing” that is “digitizable” or “digital” that is, emails, music, photos, this in the field of personal use, and in the business field, from “physical equipment” to computer systems, that is, it covers the hardware, software and data layers.

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