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Portable biosensors for people with complex health problems


Advances in wearable sensor technology have made it possible to track health problems outside of the clinic, collecting data that can have a positive impact on the care, self-care of symptomatic patients, and overall health.

For people with complex health problems, such as neurodegenerative or cerebrovascular diseases, remote monitoring, in addition to controls, can improve quality of life and health outcomes by improving disease monitoring, monitoring treatment adherence and effectiveness, and improving healthcare. solution. -making.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, recruited 39 participants with cerebrovascular or neurodegenerative diseases who consistently wore up to five devices on their ankles, wrists, and chest for seven days at home after visiting the clinic.

Participants used the device for an average of 98% of the study period. The adherence to the use of multisensors, detected by at least three devices in use at the same time, was high. Non-use rates were low at all sensor locations (average 17–22 minutes per day), with significant differences between some locations (p = 0.006). Multisensor non-use was higher during the day than at night (p <0.001), and there was a small but significant increase in non-use during the data collection period (p = 0.04). Interview comments indicate that the use of multisensors was generally well received by both study participants and partners.

The results of this study demonstrate the feasibility of a continuous multisensory approach for remote monitoring of people with complex medical conditions with high adherence during the day and at night throughout the study period. In particular, these data represent an important consideration for launching larger remote monitoring studies with future implications for clinical care and the ability to capture meaningful health outcomes in more environmentally friendly settings.

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