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The most beautiful gardens in the world


The most beautiful gardens in the world

Every country in the world is interested in creating its own set of gardens. Countries are keen to choose the best designs and types of plants and trees that help them create gardens; Which contributes to its classification among the most beautiful gardens in the world, and the following is information about a group of beautiful gardens scattered in the countries of the world:

Tor Genji Park

Torre Guinigi Park (Italian: Torre Guinigi) is a garden located in Italy, specifically within the town of Lucca, and represents a tower in the middle of Lucca; Which helps to see it from all sides, and the roof of this tower contains a group of trees and green plants that have been planted since the end of the fourteenth century AD.

Garden of cosmic speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculations was established in 1989 AD in the State of Scotland and was given this name to reflect a miniature nature of cosmic beauty, and this garden was planted in the past with berries and vegetables, and it is the unique and only garden in the world that was established based on ideas inspired by mathematics and science.

Keukenhof Park

The Keukenhof Garden is located in the Netherlands, specifically within a small-sized town belonging to the Dutch city of Lisse, and this garden is also known as the Garden of Europe, and it is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and the largest. Of the 100 types of tulips, their number reached about 4,500,000 flowers, and there are approximately 2,500 trees in the garden, which constitute about 87 species and more of different types of trees.

Botanico de Curitiba Gardens

The Botanico de Curitiba gardens are located within the state of Paraná, specifically in Curitiba, which is the largest city among the cities of southern Brazil. Various trees and there are places for planting tropical plants.

Gulf Gardens

The Gulf Gardens (English: Gardens by the Bay) are gardens that were established in 2012 in the state of Singapore and have become considered one of the important tourist areas, and they form a tower with a length of 35 meters, and many plants were planted in it, and it also contains the highest waterfall inside a building on The world level, and the gardens are surrounded by a group of high trees in the form of an orchard.

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